What can it infect?

Any intestinal area, from the anus to the cecum. Its' most usual location is in the rectum.

What what frequency does it appear?

Primarily it affects adults and older people.

Clinical manifestations:

Pain Hemorrhaging Anal secretions Tumors Deformation of the fecal bolus Difficulty defecating



General Symptoms:

Weight loss Anorexia (loss of appetite) Anemia Difficulty walking Paleness, apathy, sadness Anal stretches "False diarrhea" Constipation Compression to other organs and intestinal perforation

It is mistaken with:

Hemorrhoids Colitis Polyps Syphilis TB (intestinal tuberculosis ) Etc.


Rectal touch Anascopy Rectoscopy Colonoscopy X-rays Ultrasound Coprology (analysis of feces) Etc.


Surgery Radiotherapy Chemotherapy

And over all, a timely diagnosis. Preventing is better than lamenting.


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