What is an Abscess?

Abscess and Anal Rectal Fistula are two phases of the same illness, the first is the Initial Phase and the second Chronic or Sequel.


An Abscess is a Purulent Tumoration (PUS) located in some neighboring regions of the Anus Rectum, that empties its' contents by means of an orifice located in the skin of the Anus that can be one, two, or three orifices, hard, painful, and foul smelling.

The cause is an infection caused by a rupture of the Analrectal Mucous through which fecal matter enters and infects the area.


Very painful tumoration Intense pain during defecation Fever •Burning Difficulty walking Difficulty sitting


Surgery. It cannot be cured with ointments.


If you present these symptoms,
you should consult your doctor immediately.


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