Protection for your health
It is the system of medical attention most important in Baja California. We have established excellent prestige, gaining the respect and confidence of the community, by being equipped with the latest technology in order to offer the most professional and competent medical attention. When you or a member of your family or an employee are in need of qualified medical attention, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation the specialists at Real D.V.H . can provide the following MEDICAL SERVICES:

Preoperative, Transoperative, and Postoperative Attention.

Disorders of the Veins and Arteries.
Disorders of the heart, cardiac insufficiency, and heart attacks.
Disorders of the teeth and periodic checkups.
Disorders of the skin, fingers and nails.
General Surgery
Head, neck, abdomen, appendectomy and laproscopic colonoscopy.
Gynecology y Obstetrics
Laproscopic Surgery and infertility.
Internal Medicine
Detention and treatment of glands, disorders of: hypophysis, thyroid, pancreas and diabetes.
Natal Care
Strokes, tumors, and paralysis.
Disorders of the eyes.
Treatment of cancer.
Orthopedics and Trauma
Disorders of the bones.
Ears, nose and throat.
Vaccinations, control of a child's health.
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Facial Rejuvenation, maxillary and abdominal reconstruction, implants and transplants.
Anus, rectum, intestines, colon, detention of cancer, hemorrhoids.
Treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction, psychosomatic disorders, nervous system disorders and depression.
Destruction of stones without surgery, Disorders of the kidneys, bladder and prostrate, sexual impotence and male sterilization, venereal diseases.

Real D.V.H. Hospital and Medical Center makes all the necessary arrangements so that you will receive the highest quality medical attention. We have ambulance service and transportation 24 hours a day. We accept all types of medical insurance, national and international.

The international services of Real D.V.H. will make all the necessary arrangements so that you can receive medical attention in the U.S. in any given case that it is needed. If you require emergency assistance at late hours of the night the staff is accessible through an advanced system of intercoms which connects the two entrances of the hospital with the staff. Competent personnel will provide immediate assistance. In every area we are staffed with competent personnel that can provide you with the most professional service.

You will return home healthy and recuperated.

We are equipped with:




Private rooms

Double occupancy





Massage clinic.


Other Services Include:

Priority admission to hospital

Airline Reservations

Transportation to the hospital

Arrangements for all medical attention needed

Overnight accommodations for family members

Language translator

Special diets

Currency exchange


Sophisticated Video-Endoscopy system used not only in the diagnosis but also in the treatment of the majority of abdominal disorders with the advantages of:

No incision
Less hospitalization time
Lower cost
Faster recovery time.


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Hospital Real de VH
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